Hey - It's March 3rd. I worked some new material when I featured for Chaunte Wayans at Flappers Comedy Club, and the video is up down below! I have another show at Flappers Burbank with Josh Adam Meyers on March 20th at 7:30. Click here for tickets. Also, I'm opening for Joe DeRosa on April 24th at 7:30. Click here for tickets. Follow me on Twitter @JavinReid for updates. Check out this cool podcast I did with Merrill Barr on Artist Alley Podcast. We talk about suits, comedy and David Koechner. Go to 53:13 to hear the story about David Koechner. I've put together a collection of the pictures from The Groundlings and also The Meltdown Show, where New Kumail showed up.

Conan had an amazing week from getting on Grindr to WikiBear's "Heaven's Gate" appearance. Apparently Billy Eichner was wrong, gay guys know Conan well, but not always Sanjaya. On Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver did a quite revealing Would You Rather, but I totally understand hugging someone who bathed in pudding vs. hugging a cactus. On a more magical note, Neil Patric Harris told Jimmy Kimmel about his magic room with all of his antique magic kits. Watch the video to figure out how to open the secret door. Have a great week!

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Confrontation

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Aziz Ansari

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: McConaughey, Brand, and Allen

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: What Snoop Dogg Would Tell My Date

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Freddie Mercury Singing About Auditioning

Conan - Billy Eichner & Grindr

Conan - WikiBear

Jimmy Fallon - John Oliver's Would You Rather

Jimmy Kimmell - Neil Patrick Harris

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Hector in Retool the School ft. The National

Men at Work - J. K. Simmons Assistant & Suburgatory - Vikram Depshandi

Javin - '69 Yamaha Enduro