Hey - It's January 21st. I'm performing at Flappers Comedy Club on January 23rd @ 7:30 in the "Pro/Am with Laura House." Get your tickets here. Follow me on Twitter @JavinReid for updates. Check out this cool podcast I did with Merrill Barr on Artist Alley Podcast. We talk about suits, comedy and David Koechner. Go to 53:13 to hear the story about David Koechner. Also, I've put together a collection of the pictures from The Meltdown Show, where New Kumail showed up.

The premier of Portlandia was about the tale Toni and Candice, and both Fred and Carrie were brilliant as always! You have to check out the dance-off scene below. On Seth Meyers (and also Fred Armisen), Patton Oswalt shared his worst bombing story, and Matt Le Blanc discussed the new generation of people watching Friends. The Kroll Show is coming back on Tuesday, and if you're on the fence, let Bobby Bottleservice and Peter Paparazzo help you make a decision. Have a great week!


Old Jonah and New Kumail


Handsome Kumail vs. Laughing Kumail


With David Koechner (NerdMelt's "Beta Test")


New Kumail cuts off Old Jonah with a better story


New Jonah and new Kumail make Emily laugh


With David Koechner


Old Jonah teaches New Kumail a thing or two


With Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani @ NerdMelt's "The Meltdown"

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Michael Jackson

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Aziz Ansari

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: What Snoop Dogg Would Tell My Date

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Freddie Mercury Singing About Auditioning

Portlandia - Toni and Candice

Seth Meyers - Patton Oswalt's Worst Bombing Story

Seth Meyers - Matt Le Blanc on a New Generation Watching Friends

Kroll Show - Bobby Bottleservice & Peter Paparazzo

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Hector in Retool the School ft. The National

Men at Work - J. K. Simmons' Assistant & Suburgatory - Vikram Depshandi

Javin - '69 Yamaha Enduro