Hey - It's August 27th. Check out this cool podcast I did with Merrill Barr on Artist Alley Podcast. We talk about suits, comedy and David Koechner. Go to 53:13 to hear the story about David Koechner. I'm going to be performing at Flappers Burbank in the Main Room on September 10th in the Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest. Click here to buy tickets. Also, I've put together a collection of the pictures from July's The Meltdown shows, where New Kumail showed up. For more updates, follow me on Twitter @JavinReid.

Fred Armisen's last FredEx on Late Night with Seth Meyers is so hilarious! It really makes you want him to do a really needy best friend character on Portlandia. Conan was on fire this week with several hilarious sketches, like Laid Off WWE Wrestlers, Schmecky & Schmecky: Photo De-Damagers, and "Talking Bread" with Chris Hardwick. I especially loved the Chris Hardwick sketch because it features one of my comedy heroes, Tig Notaro. Needless to say, I'm loving The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail on Comedy Central. It's even better than going to the shows in the aspect that you get to see what's going on in the booth. Have a great week, cheers!


Old Jonah and New Kumail


Old Jonah teaches New Kumail a thing or two


With David Koechner (NerdMelt's "Beta Test")


Handsome Kumail vs. Laughing Kumail


New Kumail cuts off Old Jonah with a better story


New Jonah and new Kumail make Emily laugh


With David Koechner


With Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani @ NerdMelt's "The Meltdown"

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Michael Jackson

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Aziz Ansari

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Neil Young Introducing the New Season of The Walking Dead

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: What Snoop Dogg Would Tell My Date

Javin Reid at Flappers Comedy Club: Freddie Mercury Singing About Auditioning

Seth Meyers - FredEx

Conan - Laid Off WWE Wrestlers

Conan - Schmecky & Schmecky: Damaging Photo De-Damagers

Conan - Talking Bread with Chris Hardwick, Andy Daily & Tig Notaro

The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail - Origin Story

Men at Work - J. K. Simmons' Assistant & Suburgatory - Vikram Depshandi

Javin - '69 Yamaha Enduro